Avengers Fanfiction Peter Sick At School

Spideypool Superfamily Avengers Stony Avengers Avengers Comics Avengers Memes Stony Superfamily Marvel Jokes Marvel Funny Marvel Fan Art Crazyk-c dreamerchaos666 requested a picture in which Peter is fighting the Lizard (in the movie), but to have Steve and Tony come in to save the day~. field-trip fic for when you want that strong comeuppance feel, with a side of Avengers family dynamics. Tony was hellbent in keeping him out of the public eye for as long as possible and away from the. Over the course of 4 years he gathered the DNA of Several heroes. "The alarms in the tower began blaring, drawing a frazzled Tony and Bruce from the lab and frustrated Avengers from all other parts of the tower. Peter's school watches Homecoming and other Oneshots Fanfiction. 1/3 c2 CaptainMarvel123875 great writing wow! After a few coughs and practised to stifle his coughs he went to school hoping that he can manage to stifle his sneezes and his coughs. Or Falc– Cap. A/N: This is my first fanfic so please take that into consideration before reading. Jul 18, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Chad. "Peter, don't lie to me" he said and looked angry, I vowed my head in shame "I am sorry, I *hiccup* wanted to do the mission" I said. Teacher/Principal AU. Also, thank you @resident-book-nerd for encouraging me to write, @wolf79 for the DC fanfics to come and @batlog for desperately wanting to read this. AN: avengers fanfic avengers avengers text post avengers groupchat marvel fanfiction marvel avengers funny. Instead, there is a different group of heroes: The Justice League. IT’S FINALLY FINISHED whether you want to re-read my imagines or you’re just starting, I’m so glad you’ve chosen to be here. avengers incorrect avengers quotes avengers infinity war avengers fanfiction avengers imagines fanfic incorrect marvel quotes marvel loki laufeyson loki fan theory fan thoughts please tom hiddleston 3,990 notes Sep 1st, 2018. Sick Peter Parker; Sick Peter; Sick Character; Summary. <<